Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Myles: Still Longing For A Real Home

Myles tells his story:

"I try to be a happy-go-lucky guy, but life has been pretty tough for a couple of years. The people I lived with tossed me out of the car in the middle of a huge shopping center parking lot and drove away. I was so surprised and scared! I had no idea where I was or whether I'd ever have any friends again or how I'd find something to eat.

"I lived in that parking lot for two years. Sometimes, the people who worked in the stores gave me food. But mostly I was on my own, hunting and digging through the Dumpsters. Have you ever tried to hunt in a sea of asphalt? Take it from me. There's not much to catch.

"A couple of months ago, when it was freezing cold outside, a nice woman told me she'd take me to a warm place with plenty to eat if I'd just go in her cat carrier. I did, and she took me to a shelter where I wound up in a cage! I felt so betrayed. But when she found out what that shelter does to cats, she took me right back. I got very sick in that shelter, and she kept me until I was well. Then she took me to the Howard County Cat Club's group home.

“I liked it there, but it just didn’t feel like home. And then, the president of the Howard County Cat Club said I was going to her house.  I was really excited until I learned that I’m here because I’m having surgery (I don’t even know what that is, but I don’t think I’ll like it) tomorrow and will need a place to recover. Recover??? That doesn’t sound good. And then what?

“I’ve been so unsettled for so long, I just want a place to call home. A real home, with cat friends and woods to explore and a human who loves me, like I have here. I wish I could always spend my days on the balcony with Hoss, an old and wise cat who lived in a parking lot like I did. And I wish I could always go hunting at night with Trista, a former street cat who acts like a princess now. I love my new friends, and I feel like I’m finally home. Maybe they’ll let me stay. I hope so. I really hope so...”

Update: Myles is here to stay!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buddy, Brandy and George: Working Cats Now

Brandy tells his story:

"My brothers and I spent the first two years of our lives in a cage. It's not what you think! We weren't in a shelter. We were in a home --- an apartment, to be exact -- with 20 others cats and two dogs. Four humans also lived there. The humans thought if they kept us guys in cages away from the female cats we wouldn't, well, you know... Truth is, we did every time we escaped from the cages, Since that was pretty often, there were lots and lots of kittens. The other thing about these people was that every time they found a kitten outside, they just had to bring it in. More cats!!

"Finally, the neighbors started to complain about the smell, and the property manager called Animal Control. They were coming to... well, we don't want to go there either. Let's just say the Howard County Cat Club came and took enough of us away to make Animal Control happy.

"The Howard County Cat Club got us all 'fixed' (we felt a lot better after that was done) and took us to the group home. We were very shy though, and they didn't think we'd do well in a regular home. They were looking for a barn for us when some people came along looking for some cats to live in their garage. They had lots of mice! We love mice!

"We love our people, too. When we're not on mouse patrol, we play with the kids and cuddle with the adults. We've come a long way from being caged animals to working cats with a couple of acres and a garage to keep rodent-free and four humans to entertain. It's a great life, and we feel so fortunate. We wish every cat could be as lucky as we are."